Simon Cowell is borderline giddy about his 'X Factor' team member Rachel Crow. The often cantankerous judge raved about the 13 year old before, during and after her performance of the Rolling Stones' hit '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' during Rock Night on Wednesday's show.

"Forget what everyone is telling you, just perform the song and let loose," Cowell told Crow before she stepped on stage, and the remaining three judges agree that's what she did. It was like watching a mini-Aretha Franklin working the stage. Crow engaged the live audience and viewers at home by making the lyrics her own, adding inflections to lyrics like: "He's tellin' me more and more / About some useless information."

"The question is 'Can you sell records? And can you sell tickets?'" L.A. Reid asked. "And the answer is: you can!" The cooky 13-year-old singer soaked up the adoration and giggled her way off the stage. Cowell believes Crow can win the $5 million grand prize saying she's amongst the few who are looking to win instead of just television exposure.

"Now she has an opinion -- she's taking it very seriously," he said. Viewers will find out on Thursday night if the performance the judges call Crow's best is indeed good enough to get her into the final nine.

Watch Rachel Crow Perform '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones on 'X Factor'