Rachel Crow -- the adorable teen who has been an early 'X Factor' fave since she first opened her mouth and her soulful voice filled the room -- is as likeable as she is talented. Her mentor Simon Cowell even said the he went with what he knows America wants when he sent the little cherub through to the next round of heated competition this Tuesday.

During her performance, where she mashed up the Supremes and Justin Bieber, Crow exhibited a noticeably trimmer shape. She is all of 13, but she still realizes that it is necessary to stay healthy and in shape, especially when in the public eye. They say the camera adds 15 lbs., and she wants people to focus on her voice, not her look. Crow is in a unique position as a performer, so she has had to pay attention to her figure, which is something most girls her age should not be stressing about. Turns out Crow did it the mentally and physically healthy way.

"I decided to do it because I thought, 'You are going to be on TV, you gotta clean up your act. You have to give it your all.' I really went all out," Crow told PEOPLE. She said that she was not pressured to drop the pounds by anyone in her family or on the show, either. Crow declared, "It was my decision 100 percent. I told my mom let's go out and see if I can do something about my weight. She was 100 percent behind me."

Crow lost 15 lbs. in only two months, revealing that she did it the proper way. "I just did a lot of cardio and working out and my mom was with me all the way so I am really happy," she said. She admits she had a bit of an exuberant relationship with food, which she has since altered. "Food used to be everything to me but now it is not. It is more like I eat for survival. So now I am good," she said.

She is not planning to lose more weight because she "wouldn't be Rachel." However, she did say that she's "going to keep up on [her] eating regimen and try to keep going [with her exercise]."

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