Zoanette Johnson was a confident, room-filling diva who wore a color-blocked outfit and sang the national anthem on tonight's (Jan. 31) Oklahoma City edition of the 'American Idol' auditions. She forgot the words. She messed up the melody, but at least she didn't lip-sync a la Beyonce. We'd have rather watched Bey fake it than hear Zoanette live, but she still got a pass to the next round because she was memorable.

It's likely we won't see her deep into Season 12, but still...

Johnson admitted that singing the national anthem was something she decided she would do at her audition if Obama was re-elected. She forgot the lyrics, getting an assist from Mariah Carey, who didn't seem all that impressed or even slightly amused by what unfolded before her eyes. But Nicki Minaj was "obsessed" with her sass and the judges sent her through, moreso for her personality and her sass than for her singing ability.

We will say that Johnson did have some power in her throat and she was immensely likeable. But if there is such a thing as really good bad audition, well, this was it.