Are you totally obsessed with all things television? Think you're aware of every obscure bit of small-screen trivia? You should probably reconsider, because we're about to blow your mind with this all-encompassing gallery.

Our buddies over at ScreenCrush compiled a list of 100 awesome television facts that are a little more under-the-radar than your common TV trivia. For example, did you know Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan planned to kill off Jesse Pinkman in season one? What about the fact that the role of Lost's Jack Shephard was originally supposed to go to Michael Keaton — who was set to die in the pilot?

Want to know what American Horror Story: Murder House and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have in common? Have you ever spent any time wondering how the X-Files theme song came about? The answers to both of these questions are in the slideshow above. Older shows like The SimpsonsArrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm get their fair share of interesting tidbits, while newer shows like the cinematic, story-telling triumph that is Better Call Saul also get a slide or two, letting fans in on facts they may otherwise not know.

Click through the gallery above to check out 100 television facts that will definitely raise your TV IQ.

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