Forget suspicions, at least when you've got 13 sizzling artists like these breaking out in a big way! 2013 is proving to be a big year in pop music, and we have our top artist picks to prove it. If you don't know about them already, well.. don't say we didn't tell you!

So which artists should you look out for in 2013? Acts like the seductive and synth pop starlet Sky Ferreira, rhyme spitter and petite prodigy Becky G, as well as soulful Roc Nation signee Bridget Kelly are just some of the singers we plan to see climbing the charts. But aside from the strong female leads, we have both girl and guy groups poppin' up in droves and covering a range of musical preferences, but not limited to: k-pop, surfer-chill pop, and dance anthems.

So check out our list of the Top Artists to Watch in 2013, and let use know who you think will make a big splash this year!