Seems like 2 Chainz just can't keep himself out of trouble these days. The 'I'm Different' rapper was arrested at LAX after authorities found drugs on his person.

TMZ reports that the rapper was found with weed in his possession. The amount 2 Chainz was carrying was under an ounce so there were no charges associated with the pot. Unfortunately for the rapper, he was also in possession of Promethazine, which is one of the main ingredients in the the infamous sizzurp -- and that's where he ran into trouble. He's been booked for felony narcotics possession, which is some pretty serious stuff.

robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco, though he is vehemently
denying this claim. This drug arrest is also not the rapper's first. He was
nabbed in Maryland back in February after cops found pot in a van he was riding in. He denied the drugs were his and insisted he didn't smoke. We have a feeling not many people will believe that after seeing his latest tweet, which reads: