And the award for the Best Celebrity Drag Queen goes to Adam Lambert. Seriously, no one can compete with this. The man looks friggin' amazing.

Although full-blown drag isn't really his thing, Lambert is known for his flashy style and commanding presence, so it's really no surprise to see the 'Trespassing' singer in a dress and heels. What is surprising, though, is that the dress is pink, since dark colors are his thing.

Anyway, the 'Cuckoo' singer's glitzy makeup is totally over-the-top and utterly flawless, and his stems look so fantastic in those tights, we bet women and men everywhere are green with envy.

These photos were said to be leaked during Lambert's stint on 'American Idol,' when a lot of people were thrown into a tizzy over his sexuality. Really, they were probably just jealous because they could never pull off a look like this. Haters gonna hate, and Lambert's gonna laugh.

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