Alex Newell was born to be a performer. As a toddler, he hopped on stage at a local fair and started singing, and just never stopped. Now, at 18 years old, the Massachusetts native will bring his spice and sass to 'The Glee Project.'

"I know that I have a talent and a gift that most people don't have -- a big performer with a big voice and a big attitude," the contender says of what sets him apart. Things weren't always easy for the young hopeful, who lost his dad to cancer at age 6, but Alex uses his performance skills to express his emotions in real-play. "My greatest inspiration is my mother," he admits. "She's a strong woman, she's raised me since I was six. I want to be kind of like her when I grow up."

Alex was picked for 'The Glee Project' from more that 34,000 people who auditioned via Myspace -- a feat he's proud of, but knows he deserves. "I wanna be on 'Glee.' It feels absolutely amazing to get this far," he says in his contender spot. "I have the confidence, the power and the strength that needs to be put out there for the world to hear it."

As an improv-loving high school student himself, Alex can relate to the character he hopes to portray on the hit FOX show -- especially since the McKinley High glee club kids are more or less outcasts. "I am in high school and I do think that I am different," Alex says. "People would describe me as a diva -- or divo -- whatever they want to say. I have a big heart, I'm very loud, and I'm just a fun person to be around."

Though, don't let his big words fool you into thinking he's cocky -- Alex is confident, and rightfully so. "I doubt myself sometimes, but I have a gift that should be shared with the rest of the world," he says, adding, "I'm a diva."

If Alex is chosen as the winner of 'The Glee Project,' he'll take a seven-episode role in 'Glee' Season 3. 'The Glee Project' starts June 12 on Oxygen.

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