A TikTok star who is on trial for murdering his wife and her lover shares that he "snapped" seeing them together.

Ali Abulaban, who amassed more than 950K followers due to his impersonation of Scarface, took the witness stand on May 22 to share his story as to why he killed his wife Ana Abulaban, and her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron.

Ali grew paranoid about his wife having an affair and burst into the apartment they once shared and found Ana and Barron cuddling.

"She's cheating on me! Oh my god, she's f--king lying. She's f--king lying, I'm at home! As I f--king suspected, she's cheating on me," Ali said in a recorded audio of himself, according to TooFab.

He said that he a "couple bumps" of cocaine and rushed to the apartment, where he had a gun with him after using their daughter's iPad to spy on Ana.

"I heard that they were making fun of me, like, 'Did Ali make this mess?' She said, 'Yeah, and he bought me these cheap ass flowers.' Let me tell you, when you hear your wife talk s--t about you to an undisclosed man, that's f--king painful," Ali said.

"I was struggling from dugs, mental illness. I f--ked up a lot. When I saw that it was him, I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the f--king betrayal. I couldn't believe she could do that to me, to our daughter," he continued.

He then shares that before he could stop himself, he "snapped" and began shooting once he got to the apartment.

"My gun was in my hand, the next thing I'm shooting and I can't stop. I'm even startled, it's like I'm watching it happen, I'm in the passenger seat of my own body. I can't stop it. I hear Ana screaming and crying. I don't even remember shooting Ana," he confessed.

Ali said that he did not intend to kill the pair and was questioned as to why he took photos of their bodies, where he said he did not remember doing that.

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He then called his dad before calling 9-1-1 "in the event that there is a chance to save them."

Ali shared that his concern then shifted to his daughter who was supposed to be picked up by her mom that day.

"I knew I had to turn myself in. I wanted to at least secure her," he said before telling his daughter that he "hurt Mommy."

Previously, prosecutors in the case argued that Ana had kicked Ali out following a string of alleged domestic violence incidents.

Ali's attorney is arguing that his client was “not in his right mind” at the time of the murders and denies the charges of two counts of first-degree murder.

He faces potential life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

Ali previously went by the user name of JinnKid on TikTok. However, that account can no longer be found now.

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