Alicia Keys released the album art for 'Girl on Fire,' and now she's treating fans to the artwork for the single of the same name. Not only that, but VEVO may have spilled a surprise about the track -- namely, a feature from none other than Nicki Minaj on a remix!

In the cover for the 'Girl on Fire' single, Keys rocks short, light brown hair and she absolutely owns it. Of course, it helps that Keys is naturally stunning -- she could shave her head, wear a clown wig or rock blonde pigtails and still look absolutely gorgeous. It is physically impossible for this woman to look bad, because her bone structure and eyes are just so beautiful.

She wears a gold sparkly top or dress (it's hard to tell since the photo only shows Keys from the shoulders up) with delicate chain necklaces, diamond earrings and a golden lighting scheme. She has smoky eye makeup with smoldering black liner and she looks off to the side, showcasing her pretty profile. Keys looks like the perfect combination of feminine and fierce, evoking both Halle Berry and Grace Jones simultaneously.

Meanwhile, our pals at Oh No They Didn't snagged a screenshot of a VEVO search for the Harajuku Barbie, and it turned up an interesting result: "'Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)' featuring Nicki Minaj." We can't wait to hear this!

Keys' 'Girl on Fire' single will be available on iTunes this Tuesday, Sept. 4, and Keys will perform the song at the MTV Video Music Awards this Thursday, Sept. 6. The full 'Girl on Fire' album will hit shelves on Nov. 27, just in time to be a stocking stuffer -- in addition to a surefire hit.

Watch Alicia Keys Tease Her 'Girl on Fire' Track