Alicia Keys is done with fans recording and taking photos of her while performing, as one crowd learned the hard way during her show at Highline Ballroom in New York City.

As The Washington Post reports, the celebrated R&B artist has adopted a new phone-free policy thanks to Yondr, a rubbery cell phone case that automatically locks your device inside of it when you enter the venue.The purpose of the lock-down is to prevent attendees from leaking new music, as well as to attempt to provide a more enjoyable viewing experience for all. (To be fair, there is nothing more annoying than not being able to see the stage thanks to having a bright, glowing iPhone blocking your view.)

The product was tested on concertgoers during Keys' Highline Ballroom performance a few weeks ago, and of course, the controversial procedure already has many fans up in arms, with many pointing out that they use their phones to document memories and stay in touch with their friends during concerts.

"In this day and age, my phone is how I keep my memory," one fan told The Washington Post. "...If you don’t want your music heard, then don’t perform it."

Also to consider are the countless safety concerns the new rule raises, like what if there's an incident inside the venue and people need to get in touch with authorities or family members immediately? Or what if someone has a medical emergency and needs to call 911 quickly?

However, Keys is not the first celebrity to advocate for device-free events. Today reports that comedians like Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. will begin using the cases at their performances, and back in May, Adele lost her cool at one fan who decided to record her concert on camera.

Only time will tell if other popular artists begin to adopt Yondr... and if fans will continue to attend phone-free shows.

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