The All-American Rejects have released 'Beekeeper's Daughter,' a new track that packs the same musical punch as past Rejects hits like 'Move Along' and 'Gives You Hell.'

It's poppy but retains a rock & roll edge, with a searing guitar solo, an infectious "la da da da da" line after each chorus and a quirky ending with a few notes played on a recorder.

Tyson Ritter delivers the hook, "You’re a pretty little flower / But I’m a busy little bee / Honey, that’s all you need to see / I can take you for an hour / Baby, then I’m gonna leave / Honey I know you’ll wait for me."

Ritter described the song's complex lyrical tale in a press release as "a story about a guy who thinks he can get away with anything and always have a girl there waiting for him. He never backs down from that opinion. At the end of it, he's even stronger and more snide and thinks he’s invincible no matter what. He's an a–hole."

The character may not be likable, but the song sure is. 'Beekeeper's Daughter' is a good bet to return the All-American Rejects to heavy rotation at Top 40 radio. The song will appear on the band's next album, 'Kids in the Street,' which is scheduled for a March release.


Listen to All-American Rejects, 'Beekeeper's Daughter'