When you're young, you're told you can grow up to be anything you can dream of—evidently, Amy Schumer took the sentiment as license to evolve into oversexed tennis pros, women who exclusively strip for poodles and poetry-loving death row inmates. IT'S CALLED THE GLASS CEILING, PEOPLE.

In 2015, you can't turn the page of a magazine or quickly scan the day's Twitter trends without landing on a story that features the comedian's gall or candor. Still, the veteran standup has been in the TV game for three seasons, and Inside Amy Schumer has offered delightfully absurd characters that could make the DMV's renewal line seem placid. Between statements on feminism via a skittish-receptionist sketch and a segment in which a woman farts each time she's scared (who doesn't love a bit of toilet humor!), the show has been equal parts political and preposterous, and the chaos has proven to be exactly what the boner doctor ordered.

"My writing routine is to work backward from an uncomfortable premise," Schumer told Vulture in 2013 before the series' premiere. "I am very into boundaries. I respect people’s boundaries...but I’m not above a dumb vagina joke.” Nor should you be, Amy. Nor should you be.

Whether you're a longtime fan, or are dying to dive into Schumer for the first time—and finally see what all the fuss is about—take a look back at some of the act's most memorable characters, and tell us if you have a favorite!


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