Anna Kendrick is the latest victim of a new round of private celebrity photos leaked by hackers on the Internet. Unlike other targeted celebrities, however, the 'Pitch Perfect' star's photos are not explicit and do not depict anyone in the nude.

Page Six reports that other celebrities affected by this new wave of online leaks include Cara Delevinge, athlete Misty May Treanor and actress Kelli Garner.

This is the third wave of leaked photos since late August that have surfaced on sites like 4chan and reddit that were purportedly hacked from celebrities' private iCloud accounts. The FBI has committed to investigating the leaks ever since they first went online on Aug. 31.

However, the threat of criminal prosecution seemingly hasn't deterred hackers from releasing what they've stolen over the course of several years. After the first wave -- which affected Lawrence, Kate Upton, Becca Tobin, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others, a second wave of leaks happened last weekend which targeted Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, Kaley Cuoco and more.

So far no arrests have been announced by the FBI in regards to their investigations.