Social media star Nash Grier has somehow amassed a following of over 12 million on video-sharing site Vine, despite his continued history of creating misogynistic, homophobic and racist content. Yet, despite his channel's inflammatory videos, Grier's built-in fan base of millions was enough to land him a movie role alongside other social media stars — a clear indication that hurtful content is a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment, so long as you can draw a crowd at the box office (or, in this case, on iTunes).

Modern Family star Ariel Winter, however, is having none of it. When #FavNashVid started trending on Twitter this past Sunday (January 10), Winter called the Vine star out on his past postings:

After being bombarded by a crop of Grier supporters who clearly do not love themselves, Winter wrote out a lengthy response explaining her original tweet.

She made the point that while Grier has apologized for certain comments and videos (only after being pressed by others to do so), his continued behavior proves those apologies hold no weight. She wrote, “Yes, people make mistakes. We are all human. However, a mistake is generally something you make once. Your homophobic video that you made when you were 14 was not the only time you spouted homophobic slurs. Your twitter was full of them before you posted the video AND after!”

She continued, pointing out that the Internet has been used as a tool to shine light on injustices and intolerance with increasing frequency since its inception, and anyone who makes their living posting videos online has zero excuse to be so ill-informed: “With access to the Internet, how could you be so ignorant to think that the word you used was not excessively harmful?”

Winter then brought attention to various instances of misogyny present in Grier's videos (“Let’s also not forget that you made a completely misogynistic video telling all you women what we have to do to get your attention!”), Islamophobia on his Twitter (“…let’s not forget about you tweeting ‘getting paranoid when there’s a muslim around’”) and anti-Asian comments (“…or about how you made a vine mocking how Asian people name their kids”).

And while Winter recognizes, again, that Grier has half-heartedly apologized in the past for his gross comments, she also refuses to let him excuse away his actions by claiming youthful ignorance: “How can one person say so many terrible things on every end of the spectrum and never realize they’re wrong? I also don’t buy that you were young and didn’t understand the impact of your words. You and I are the same age, and regardless of what you say, we live in America, not under a rock. You and I are fortunate enough to have access to television, the Internet, magazines, etc. that daily stress to us the importance of social and racial tolerance. I remember seeing this stuff way before I was 14."

Grier responded to Winter's fair criticism with a characteristically defensive and juvenile tweet, writing, "sorry, I just saw this! I would LOVE to talk you & explain why your opinion about others opinions are far from reality. DMs?" but Winter, unwilling to waste any more words on the matter, shut him down immediately with a succinct, "lol, I'm good."

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