You can get your first look at Nash Grier in The Outfield, courtesy of the movie's new teaser trailer.

The video, which was released on May 4, shows disappointingly little of the upcoming film. In fact, the clip is just 30 seconds of Nash (we presume) jogging into the outfield of a baseball diamond. We don't even see his face.

Luckily, the video's description gives us a little more info:

'The Outfield' is a coming of age story that follows three varsity baseball players, as they enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field. Social media personality Nash Grier makes his acting debut as Jack Sanders, one of Illinois’ best centerfielders. Cameron Dallas, social media star and actor, stars as Frankie Payton, Jack’s childhood best friend. Actor and comedian Joey Bragg rounds out the trio as left fielder Austin York.

TubeFilter reports that The Outfield will be produced by Fullscreen, which finances "digital programming with top-tier talent on mediums outside of the world’s largest video sharing site." In other words, they're very into supporting YouTube talent, which makes sense if you look at the cast.

Although the movie's release date is still unknown, Fan La La reports that it will swing into theaters in 2016. Until then, you can pass the time by re-watching the teaser trailer in the video above and checking out the cast goofing off on-set in the video below.