In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Or wait, is it 6 seconds? Either way, the future is now, and some of Young Hollywood's biggest stars are coming from the tiniest of video clips.

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are undoubtedly two of the biggest sensations to come from Vine, the 6-second video sharing service that has catapulted actors and singer-songwriters into stardom overnight. The two teens won themselves scores of fans on the service with their boyish good lucks, doofy antics and on-stage gyrations. (Hey, it's what the teens are into.) Think it's just a niche phenomenon? Not only did the duo score leading roles in the upcoming film The Outfield, but they've also got their very own clothing line with Aeropostale, United XXVI.

Whether they're your thing, the power and influence of the Vine Star — both of whom have racked up about 5 million followers on Twitter each — is truly undeniable in 2015. Accordingly, it makes sense that these two teen titans are rapidly working their way up the ranks to royalty. But here's the question: Which one of the two ultimately wears the crown in Young Hollywood?

Place your vote for your favorite Vine star below. We'll reveal the winner of this round on August 24 at 5 PM. Get to voting! And if you haven't yet, place your votes in the other rounds for King of Young Hollywood.

King of Young Hollywood Round One