After tireless voting, endless promotion and weeks of staring at scantily clad celeb bods, PopCrush's search for 2015's Beach Babe and Beach Hunk has finally come to a close.

There's no real point in drumming up anticipation in this post since there's a split of the two winners above, but for those of you who fervently voted for Lady Gaga and Harry Styles, you should be content in knowing that your voices were heard. It was your efforts alone that managed to secure the top spots for your faves, as the two have officially been crowned this year's Beach Babe and Beach Hunk, respectively. Congratulations, all!

We'll recap for those of you who haven't been voting over the past few weeks (for shame): Harry managed to beat out both Calvin Harris and Austin Mahone until his ultimate showdown against Justin Bieber. It was a close call up until the end -- both performers have immensely devoted fan bases, and each hunk took the lead at one point or another. But in the end, Harry managed to pull way ahead of Justin, winning with 54.8% of votes.

For the Beach Babes, Lady Gaga won against Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, before her final round against Rihanna, which proved to be the tightest competition of all. The two pop stars were neck and neck every second of every day, and a clear winner was never quite evident. But Lady Gaga's Little Monsters ultimately propelled her toward victory, and she won (but only just barely) with 50.11% of votes.

There you have it! Lady Gaga and Harry Styles now have bragging rights for best beach-going celeb, and it's all thanks to you guys!

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