After weeks of tireless effort on the behalf of our faithful, diligent and ever-competitive readers, we're finally about to count up the tallies in an effort to crown PopCrush's King and Queen of Young Hollywood 2015. Congratulations to Harry Styles and Mahogany Lox, whose fans voted them to victory.

Vine sensation Mahogany Lox beat out Kendall Jenner and fellow Vine star Lele Pons, only to duke it out with Academy-Award-nominated-actress-turned-pop newcomer, Hailee Steinfeld. And while things were pretty close for a while between them, Mahogany ultimately inched her way to the win, earning 51.31% of the overall votes.

Meanwhile, One Direction's burgeoning rockstar Harry Styles further cemented his metaphorical ownership over the current generation of entertainers after beating his former bandmate, the beautiful Zayn Malik, in Round 1 of our poll. He then went on to face off and win against social media star Cameron Dallas. The final round saw Harry and Shawn Mendes battling it out, but Directioners gave Harry the upper hand, ensuring he and his long hair win the other half of this beautiful, terrible war.

Congratulations to both Harry and Mahogany, who clearly have the most fervent, devoted fanbases on the Internet. Without you, neither would appear as winners here right now, and that's not a world we want to live in, you know?

Did you vote? Are you proud of the outcome? Are you sad about it? Your opinions matter, so sound off in the comments!

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