We'll admit it -- although it was still January when Asher Monroe stopped by the PopCrush office, we already had Valentine's Day on our minds.

In the spirit of the holiday, Asher explained to us exactly how he writes a love song. (Trust us, you definitely need to get the details on that!) He also shared his ultimate Valentine's Day playlist -- and revealed whether or not he'd include one of his own songs.

Check it all out below!

In "Down," you talk about starting to write a love song. How do you go about writing a love song?

That’s a great question. There’s no formula to it, but I also have found that most times when I’m in a heightened emotion – where I’m really angry or I’m really happy about something, where it’s in my personal life or in a relationship or whatever is going on in my personal life – I find those are the moments I’m trying to capture.

So if I’m in the studio and I happen to be in one of those extreme moods – you know, because sometimes days go by and you just chill? I’m not inspired – but some days go by and something’s going on in your life and it makes you passionate to do something. If I take that passion and I turn it into writing something, I usually find that those are the best because all of these thoughts are going through your head and it’s easier to write ideas and they’re coming easy. Sometimes with songs it’s so funny because some of the song I’ve written will come out in five minutes and some songs I’ve had to come back a year later and be able to finish it. So it really just depends.

Is it easier to work with someone else or to isolate yourself?

Well, that’s the tricky thing when you’re working with somebody new and you’ve never written a song with them before, you don’t know their writing style. So a lot of times I respect a writer when they will ask me personal things about my life that they want to touch on. Something that we can come together and marry both of our great ideas. And that’s when usually it’s a good product. Sometimes if you just throw something, if you throw it, it’ll stick to the wall, but not always. It’s better to get to know the person you’re kind of writing with.

Can you share with us the sweetest thing you’ve done for a girl?

I’m a romantic guy. I definitely go the extra length to charm and be the polite guy to open the door. I’m very that kind of classic guy. Of course, I’m always going to pay for everything. I try to make it special.

But if you’re talking about one real special moment, that’s a good question. I took someone very special to Corsica and that was a small, private island. That was a nice little trip.

What songs would be on your ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist?

I would definitely start with Marvin Gaye. I definitely have to swoon them back. I think when you get the good love songs, I would have to go back to the ‘70s. Some of the ‘70s love songs – Brian McKnight and some of those older classics – those are the ones where you kind of, to me at least, I like to go back. Take it back a bit.

Would you put one of your own songs on there?

Of course! Yeah. You’ve gotta throw it in the mix. [Laughs] Warm up with Marvin and throw in ‘Nobody Else’ maybe. Otis Redding, by the way, is awesome.

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