Well this idea just screams "hot mess" doesn't it?

As if the engagement of Canadian rockers Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback didn't knock everyone off of their chairs, then the surprising announcement that the bride-to-be will cover her future hubby's song for an anime movie certainly might get a few eyebrows a-raisin'.

Lavigne was tapped to record Nickelback's best-selling single 'How You Remind Me' for the anime film 'One Piece Film Z,' a part of the 'One Piece' manga film series. Eiichiro Oda, the film's creator, reached out to Lavigne asking if she'd be willing to contribute to the film, but so far, no snippet of her cover has been made available as of yet. We're sure as the story picks up speed on the 'net, something will be made available to all of us eagerly awaiting how she'll tackle the song.

You'd think that the two would know better than to share and collaborate within the industry, as it's basically a curse amongst Hollywood couples to star in anything together, and usually leads to the demise of the relationship (re: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 'Gigli'). But alas, they seem to not be buying into that whole theory.

L.A. Reid, the head of Epic Records (and judge on 'X Factor,') confirmed that Lavigne and Kroeger have already recorded material together for her next album, so only time will tell if the curse will strike the Canadian duo.

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