Brie and Nikki Bella want Selena Gomez to play them in a TV series.

The former wrestlers would love to see their 2020 memoir, Incomparable, adapted for the small screen and would be thrilled if the Only Murders in the Building actress could play both of their roles.

Discussing her top pick for the role, Nikki told The Daily Mail: "Selena Gomez, I would love that."

Brie added: "If anyone could do that, it would be her."

And if Selena didn't want to play both sisters, Brie would also like Wednesday star Jenna Ortega to take on a role.

She added: "Actually her and Selena, that would be good!"

The Twin Love presenters think their memoir would make a great television series.

Nikki said: "After we published our memoir, I had always thought, 'I would love to make this into a TV series or a movie.' And also add in so much more of our lives, so much more of what we couldn't fit into one memoir. Because technically Brie and I could have probably wrote three books in a row..."

Brie clarified she felt they should turn their story into a "series."

Meanwhile, the twins revealed Reese Witherspoon had shunned their attempts to get their "empowering" tome included in her popular book club.

Brie said: "When our book came out, I DMed Reese Witherspoon's book club.

"I was like, 'Hey, I know you like stories about women. I think you guys would really love this story. It feels very up Reese's alley.' No one ever wrote me back, but I wrote them this long DM. I wrote to them twice. I'm like, 'Hello Sunshine, anyone home?'

"I feel like our stories... wrestling is a big part of it, but there's so much more of our childhood, what we fought there, getting out of that into wrestling, then getting out of that. There's just so much to our story that I feel would really empower not only women, [but] men as well."

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