Which records made our Best Albums of 2012 list? While there have been many new music releases this year (you can see a bunch of them in the photo above), only a select few have made our Best Albums of 2012. So, who made the cut?

The year 2012 was teeming with some pretty awesome albums. In no particular order, we're featuring the albums that have made their mark in 2012 and kept us pressing 'Repeat' throughout the year. The LPs featured on our Best Albums of 2012 list have left an indelible impression in our brains, thanks to their inescapable, infectious hooks, singalong choruses, dance floor-worthy beats or touchingly personal lyrics.

We've selected albums from veteran artists as well as newcomers, along with those that cross genres and can be classified beyond straight-up pop. That's the mark of a great album and we feel these records are definitive of 2012. Find out our picks for the Best Albums of 2012 by clicking through below.

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