In what Sen. Al Franken has called "the most embarrassing confirmation hearing I have ever seen" with respect to "the most incompetent cabinet-level nominee I have ever seen," the United States Senate confirmed billionaire Betsy DeVos as the country's next Secretary of Education. Many — celebrities included — have seen the 51-50 vote, a tie that was ultimately broken by Vice President Mike Pence, as an unfortunate victory of corporate interest over democracy and children's interests.

DeVos, a donor from Michigan who contributed to several voting senators, has pushed for charter schools and vouchers, but has virtually no experience in the public sector. DeVos did not attend public school, none of her children have attended public school and she has never had to take out a loan for education, according to The New York Times. And yet, DeVos was voted through, even though she couldn't confidently say that guns don't belong in schools, and even though it's likely she could siphon federal funding out of schools that need it most.

As Hollywood and Washington D.C. become more and more closely linked, actors, TV stars and musicians haven't shied away from voicing their concern over DeVos' confirmation. Look at Lauren Jauregui, Rowan Blanchard, Samantha Bee and more stars taking the Trump administration to task below.

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