$100,000 Leggings

Beyonce took a look at a pair of ho-hum spandex leggings and thought to herself, "Let me upgrade ya."

Queen B sported a pair of Balenciaga leggings at the 2007 BET Awards that were made of real gold and they cost around $100,000. Not gold lamé, the real stuff.... that comes out of mines.

We crunched some numbers: that's 2,173 pairs of golden leggings from American Apparel...with $42 leftover.

She also performed in these gold-plated pants to boot. And if you're familiar with Bey's live show at all, you know those puppies got sweaty.

Anyhoo, does anyone know where these leggings are today and if they are heavily guarded? We're, uh, asking for a friend.

Beyonce's Performance Outfit at the 2007 BET Awards

Getty Images