A "Few Thousand Dollars" a Month on Glitter

Hi, Kesha. Welcome, please have a seat. You know we're only here because we love you, but your addiction to glitter has negatively affected us in the following ways: it gets stuck all over us, we regularly inhale it, and we're tired of walking around and looking so damned fabulous all the time.

The Warrior Princess never put a concrete number on how much she spends on glitter, but she told Vanity Fair that "a few thousand a month" is her estimated budget on the sparkly stuff.

Even if it was just $1,000 a month on glitter, that's still $12,000 a year... ON GLITTER. We're blaming her shimmery live shows, because we can't come up with another scenario where spending more than $6.99 on glitter would be possible.

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