If you thought Casual Friday at the office was a thrill, wait until you see what 14-year-old Larsen Thompson and 11-year-old Taylor Hatala have just contributed to the corporate world.

The two young dancers, who wowed YouTube viewers this spring with a performance paired against "I Don't F--- With You," just released a dance routine inspired by Beyonce's feminist anthem "Run the World." In the clip above — which was choreographed by Janelle Ginestra — Hatala and Thompson gather among a drab office's cubicles, copy machines and meeting areas (anyone else getting some "Bad Blood" flashbacks?) like any employees might. But when a laptop just won't work the way it was designed to (we've all been there), the ladies channel their tech-rage into a number that would likely get them called down to HR before noon.

Between heart-stopping isolations in front of a white board, hair flips under the glow of fluorescent lighting and a tag-team march over the backs of their co-workers (nothing like a bit of team bonding!), the ladies set out to prove they won't accept this Fortune 500's starting offer. Nope, they refuse to rest until they nail down a package with more vacation time and a wider selection of stock options. GIVE THEM DENTAL OR GIVE THEM DEATH.

Check out the clip above, and tell us how you think this adaptation stacks up to Bey's original choreography.

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