Beyonce proved at the 2013 Super Bowl once more why she's the Queen Bey, delivering a showstopping performance that included her solo hits as well as the worst kept secret in the world, a Destiny's Child reunion cameo. (The showstopping part is literal -- the lights went out in the New Orleans Super Dome when she was done!) You can watch her full performance here, but we've summed up the highlights for you in GIF form.

To quote the reunited Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams: "Can you handle this?"

And now presenting your real MVP (sorry, Flacco):

Getting lower than San Fran's pre-halftime hopes:

"Hey, Ray Rice! Run this way!"

When Beyonce saw the 49ers make a surprise comeback after the lights blew out:

"C'mon, girls. Let's pretend we're Willow Smith!"

The ladies commiserate on whether or not you are, in fact, ready for this jelly.

Kelly + Bey: BFFL

"Psst! Michelle! Did my onesie split in the back?"

Is it getting hot in here or is it just DC?

And once more, the planet is insanely jealous of Jay-Z: