Beyonce provided the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl XLVII tonight (Feb. 3) and there was no drama and no nonsense. It was all diva-fueled antics and it was a bit safe. But there was nothing wrong with that.

The show began with a life-sized, light up silhouette of Bey and then the queen Bey herself appeared. The show was highly visual, with CGI Beyonces all around. It was easy to lose track of the real thing (oops, that's an old Coke tag, and Bey is a Pepsi pitchwoman) amongst her digital doppelgangers.

Bey opened by belting a verse from 'Love on Top' while looking sexified in a black leather dress, fishnets, black elbow-length gloves and black knee-high boots before launching into 'Crazy in Love.'

She was Sasha Fierce from the first note to the last, exuding confidence as she sang surrounded by several dancers and a guitarist whose headstock shot sparks. That was an accident waiting to happen, but thankfully, there were no burns other than from the heat Bey threw off.

She blew the camera a kiss, launched into 'End of Time' while shaking her thang and showing off how 'Bootylicious' she really is. Yes, she was singing to tape, because she had to. There's always a backing track when there are that many layers of vocals in this fast-paced of a perf. Don't hate. You know she rocked it.

Elements of her Billboard Awards performance from 2011 were incorporated, as there were multiple CGI Beyonces flashing behind the real one for 'Baby Boy.' But it made you wonder which was the real Bey! It was an optical illusion that we loved.

Yes, Destiny's Child reunited, with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams exploding onto the stage from underneath in similar black leather ensembles for 'Bootylicious.' We told you that Williams was throwing up a smokescreen last week by saying it wasn't happening. Pft! We never believed her and we know she was saying it to keep the element of surprise in tact.

Rowland and Williams offered the assist for Bey's biggest smash, 'Single Ladies,' which was one of the highlights of the set. It was like the girls never parted ways. That's how easily they slipped back into their onstage chemistry and camaraderie. Nope, they didn't do 'Nuclear,' their "new" love song, either. Another omission? 'Survivor.'

Bey rocked 'Halo,' with her fans swaying back and forth, before falling on her back. She was sweaty and out of breath, but that's because she put 210 percent into the perf.

She was gracious as she ended the show, saying, "Thank you for this moment, God bless y'all."

There were no nip slips. No big guest stars other than her girls. No cameo by hubby Jay-Z; he was probably babysitting Blue Ivy backstage, and saying "Look, Mommy!" as they watched on a hi-def TV! No middle fingers being flashed at the screen like last year. It was PG -- because of the sex and skin -- but it was highly entertaining because of the way Bey struts her stuff. The winks. The air kisses. The sassy way she perches her hands on her hips. It's all in the details with Bey. If you didn't love it, you weren't paying attention.

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