If you weren't yet privy to the power of the Beygency, the collection of Beyonce loyalists have just proven there's no door they can't knock down.

Last night (August 12), @Bey_Legion tweeted a photo captioned "FIRST LOOK: Beyoncé Covers VOGUE Magazine" that featured what seemed to be a legitimate rendering of the magazine's September 2015 issue. Unwilling to leave the apparent leak unaddressed, Vogue confirmed Bey's feature this morning (August 13) with an official release of the cover, a sneak peek at the feature and a grainy, no-frills video supplement. Need something done quickly? Now you know who to call...

The magazine, which finds the chart-topper dressed in a romantic and ornate Marc Jacobs gown, includes testaments to the singer from various fashion heavy-hitters ("She’s the whole package: primal, rare, delicate, beautiful, and powerful," Stella McCartney notes, while Riccardo Tisci offers "There is a magnetic presence to her."). A reel dedicated to the shoot seems to prove the designers right.

The clip, which kicks off with a bit of TV-static, finds Beyonce gliding through a mansion's expanse as pronounced bass underscores her powerful stare. Among marble statuettes, rich tapestries and golden accents, the Queen looks ready to assume the fashion mag's throne. Still, just when you think you've got the mood figured out, Beyonce takes a toy airplane and guides it up her leg, as if it'll soon ascend and make a local flight into the kitchen. Perhaps we don't quite get it, but who are we to question the move?

Check out more photos from Beyonce's shoot, read a longer preview of the story and tell us what you think of Vogue's September cover!

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