Ye's wife Bianca Censori's Austrailian accent is heard loud and clear in an old video.

Bianca Censori's Voice Heard in Old Video

Last Sunday (March 24), a video emerged online of Bianca Censori participating in a Zoom meeting at the 2022 CFS Summit in Paris. Her Australian accent can be heard in full while she discusses her role as an architectural designer at Yeezy.

"My design process always starts with research and references that's kinda just how my brain works," Censori says at one point in the video, which can be seen below. "In order to begin visualizing a space, I really need to understand the constraints with which I'm designing. The beauty of the Meta is that it lacks boundaries. When I see a lot of Meta spaces they mirror real-life built forms as like some kind of ode to the familiarity of the human need to be sheltered."

The video is surprising since fans strictly know Bianca Censori for her revealing outfits, which her father apparently isn't too happy about.

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Bianca Censori Says She's Married After Flirty Exchange

This actually isn't the first time fans have heard Ye's wife speak. Back in May of 2023, a video went viral that showed Bianca shooting down a guy's advances on camera, reminding him that she was married.

"I'm married! Sorry," Censori said after the man expressed his disappointment. "I know sorry!"

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Watch Bianca Censori speak in the video below.

Watch Ye's Wife Bianca Censori Speak

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