While they flirted with the idea of bringing in Ashanti to replace Fergie, it seems the Black Eyed Peas have now decided to take an indefinite hiatus to allow all members to pursue solo projects and other interests outside of music.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to will.i.am, who denied the band is breaking up but confirmed the hiatus. "We always have two cycles of records and then we take a break," he said. "And then two cycles of records and then a break. When we take breaks you know, we work on side projects and get our personal stuff in order then come back and make beautiful music. We think beautiful music."

The band is playing its final show tonight in Miami, with guests Marc Anthony, Jason Derulo, Sean Kingston and more. After that, will goes right into promotion for his next solo album, '#willpower.' Fergie, meanwhile, plans to work on having a baby.

"I’m on baby bump watch. It’s really fun," she said. "It’s when the paparazzi go right into your stomach. But yeah, that’s one of the things that we want to do. I’ve just been touring since 2003 and like anything gets monotonous and you're doing the same thing every night. I’d like to go days without wearing make-up and watching my football games. Doing my footwear collection and my fragrances... Just going where the day takes me.”