If you are one of Blake Shelton's nearly 4.7 million Twitter followers, you know that his feed is populated with plenty of hilarious nonsense and drunken tweets.

When the country superstar and 'The Voice' coach tosses back a few, he lets his thumbs do the talking. His wife Miranda Lambert has said she unfollows him when the 140-character inanity gets to be too much.

But then again, Shelton often spends his Saturdays replying to tweets, even the ones where fans request a simple RT or ask him to acknowledge them with a birthday wish. He definitely engages his followers -- so that, combined with the fact that you are bound to giggle hysterically, makes the @blakeshelton handle one that demands to be followed.

In honor of Shelton's Twitter awesomeness, we've collected some his funniest tweets, which usually begin with "I'm so drunk right now..." That's his thing, and that preface means he's up to no good.

Go ahead, have a laugh. On us. And him. Get the BS from BS!

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