Brandon Flowers, sometimes frontman for the Killers and otherwise solo artist, stars as a young frontiersman on a mystical journal in the new music video for "Can't Deny My Love." The clip co-stars actress Evan Rachel Wood as Flowers' pioneer wife, who pleads with him not to leave for the night out of fear that all may not be well when he returns.

Carrying a torch, Flowers crosses the countryside under cover of night. He encounters a mysterious old man under a cave, and that's when things take a strange and ominous turn. The video seems to make reference to Brandon's own Mormon faith, which he reaffirmed in 2011. At one point, the video flashes an image of a bishop preaching among the daily bustle.

The track, which Flowers debuted earlier this month at Vive Latino festival in Mexico, appears on the singer's upcoming sophomore solo album The Desired Effect. Grammy-nominated producer Ariel Rechtshaid — who's previously crafted hits for Usher and Charli XCX — collaborated on the album.

The Desired Effect is due May 18 via Island Records.

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