A woman on Reddit shared that some of her family members were furious after finding out she had a secret child-free wedding after inviting them to her "fake" wedding."

"I had a huge wedding earlier this summer. With an equally huge reception. My parents paid and they didn't want it to be child free. I already knew that was going to be a fight so I just went along with it. I bought a wedding dress from Facebook marketplace and had it tailored to fit," she wrote.

"The wedding was fun and noisy with babies and kids. I'm pretty sure I heard Mario Kart music as well. The reception was loud and rambunctious with two of my younger cousins getting drunk and puking. Late teens, not children. Someone was giving them drinks because they were 'old enough to handle it.' A baby threw up on my dress," the newlywed continued on Reddit.

She explained that several people commented on how well she and the groom handled the "chaos." Little did they know, that wasn't her actual wedding.

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"The following weekend we got married for real. Just our parents and a bridal party in attendance. I got to wear my beautiful dress that I picked with my mom and mother-in-law. We had the same flowers and outfits," she revealed.

After posting a few photos from the second wedding online, "people noticed that [her] dress was different and that the location for the pictures was different," and they started asking questions.

"I said that we wanted everyone to join us for our wedding day and have a good time but that we also wanted the ceremony and pictures that we planned for ourselves. Some of our family and friends say that we were a--holes for inviting them to a fake wedding," the bride explained.

"I think we just had two ceremonies," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section applauded the woman for her brilliant bridal idea.

"I think the idea is awesome. Trash wedding! Then one that you have with a bit of peace and ceremony. I’m jealous I never tried this," one person wrote.

"YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS!" another commented.

"They were at a real wedding! Plus, only an a--hole parent would say 'Timmy, I know you had fun yesterday but Aunt had a REAL wedding after and YOU weren’t invited! She doesn’t even love you!' The kids had fun, they celebrated with their family and that’s all they need to know. [The bride] is allowed to have a private celebration without all the fanfare, she went above and beyond to be accommodating," someone else chimed in.

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