A man on Reddit is frustrated with his girlfriend after she told people at work who he voted for in a recent election.

The man's girlfriend spilled his vote as well as his political affiliation while chatting with co-workers about who they voted for.

"I'm upset with her for telling people who I voted for without my permission and she's upset with me being upset with her and saying I'm over reacting," the man wrote.

He added that he believes someone's voting record is their "personal information," and that although some share their political views with others, it should be a personal choice.

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Users offered up their opinions on the situation in the comments section.

"Just remember that unless she were in the voting booth with you, she'll never reallllly know how you voted. You don't have to tell anyone who you voted for next time," one person wrote.

"Seems like a very common thing to share with someone. But I probably wouldn’t date someone who would do something like this, or who at the very least, wouldn’t apologize after being told it was unacceptable," another user shared.

"I know someone like this. I don’t understand people like this. I can take a secret to the grave," someone else commented.

"Did you tell your partner that what you were sharing with her was in confidence? I don't think most people would naturally assume that political leanings are shared confidentially. If you tell her that what you are sharing is confidential and then she goes in some chit chat room and shares it with the world, then you've got a legitimate complaint. If you didn't tell her, then you know you need to be more clear about what you consider personal/confidential," another reader chimed in.

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