Bridgit Mendler recently debuted a brand-new song, 'Fly to You,' during a performance at Big Red Fest in Canada.

"This song was one of the songs that I wrote -- I think it was in, like, November -- and it was a song that just struck a chord with me, no pun intended," the former Disney star revealed while introducing the track. "It's just a beautiful song about a relationship that is on the rocks but you want to fight for it and you'd want to do anything for it."

The bubbly singer went on to entertain the crowd (even taking a selfie with the audience!) before launching into the mid-tempo tune, which showcases her sweet voice as backed up by a full band.

"I'd fly to you / Every little piece of me, sitting on a pair of wings," she sings on the chorus. " … I'll never give up, always been tied to you / Tell me my love, tell me you're flying too."

Bridgit is currently on the road and is touring around the country at various amusement parks, fairs, and festivals this summer. See her tour dates here, and check out her performance of her new song 'Fly to You' in the video above!