It's here! On-the-verge Disney star Bridgit Mendler has dropped her single 'Ready or Not.' The song is an upbeat, bright and sunny dance song, but it's by no means a club banger.

Bolstered by a backbeat that follows Mendler's voice throughout the song, 'Ready or Not' will inspire pre-teen girls to grab their hairbrushes and use them as makeshift microphones while they sing in front of a mirror. It's a cute, frothy, female-leaning pop gem.

On the pop music scale, Mendler falls somewhere between Carly Rae Jepsen and early Rihanna, before she was using her music as a substitute for sex. Mendler is sugary sweet, but she isn't afraid to turn up the spice and the sass, from a lyrical perspective.

She sings about being amidst a pack of people, noting, "In the crowd / The music's loud / But I will find you." She sings it like she means it, like a girl with a crush on the prowl. Even so, this is not a "throw ya hands up" dance jam fit for the drinking set. The song is all glistening, poppy rhythms and her lyrics mostly skew young, like 14 and under, even when she sings, "I like your face / Do you like my song?" There's nothing overly sexual or subversive there. It's just sass.

About two minutes and 20 seconds in, Mendler switches to an island-style, reggae cadence in her vocal delivery and she sounds cute, if a bit out of her league by going there. It's as though she wants to pay homage to Gwen Stefani in that moment.

Overall, 'Ready or Not' is a catchy – addictive, really -- pop ditty that'll get stuck in your brain, much like a splinter under your skin, whether you like it or not.


Watch the Bridgit Mendler 'Ready or Not' Lyric Video