Today (January 11), 26-year-old Brie Larson is officially a Golden Globe-winner, and film experts say an Oscar will likely follow. But long before that, she was a Hilary Duff-type artist who was groomed to be a Disney-worthy pop star.

Larson, who appeared in Disney Channel original movie Right on Track in 2003 and 13 Going on 30 in 2004, was simultaneously hard at work on her very own music career. In 2005, she released Finally Out of P.E. a full-length album about teenage life that included singles "Whatever," "Loser In Me" and "She Said" (featured above).

She told amid the LP's release that its works were very much true to life (and also that her favorite foods were pizza and burritos).

"I don't have a bunch of love songs because I don't really have much boy experience," she said. "I just write about what I am actually going through in my real life. That's where the title from my album comes from — Finally out of P.E. My P.E. teacher didn't like me at all, which was hard to deal with 'cause I was usually such a teachers' pet. So when I found out I got my record deal, I was like, 'Yes, I'm finally out of P.E.'"

Of course, a lot has changed in the ensuing decade: Larson's critically-acclaimed role in Room centers on a young woman who's abducted and forced to bear the child of her rapist. While dark, the performance is incredibly gripping, and we think it's safe to say Larson's career has gone where it was meant to go.

Watch the "She Said" video above, and tell us what you think of Larson's (sort of) secret pop past.

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