At first glance, Britney Spears' Chinese symbol tattoo may not look "bad," per se. It's in a sexy spot, and these types of characters have always been popular amongst tattoo lovers. However, when you find out the actual meaning of it, you end up feeling quite sorry for Ms. Brit.

This is one of her earliest ink jobs, and Spears wanted the Chinese symbol for "mysterious" tattooed on her hip. She must've forgotten to do her research, because what she ended up with is the English equivalent of "strange." To make this nightmare worse, the symbol is permanently imprinted right next to the 'Gimme More' singer's most private of areas... and that's not a region you wanted tagged as "strange," right ladies?

Spears has some other bad tats in addition to this, like the matching dice she got with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Come on, think before you ink, Brit!