I'll admit I've done it and you probably have to. It's if you make a habit of this that's going to cost you, literally.

You're filling up your tank and finally, the pump stops because your car is full. What do many of us do? We pump the handle to even out the price or out of habit to get just a bit more gas in our tank because it's allowing us to otherwise known as topping off your car.

You know the saying 'just because you can doesn't mean you should' and this is especially true at the gas pump. Overfilling your tank is one of the worst yet easily preventable things any of us can do according to the Daily Dot website.

It may seem innocent enough but over time it could easily cost you big bucks for a new fuel evaporative system (EVAP) which is mandatory for all cars according to The Drive website because it prevents fuel tank vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. Your engine light will come on if this happens.

Topping off your car can also ruin your spark plugs which can lead to catalytic converter problems which are part of your car exhaust system according to the Mechanic Base website.

Talk about a financial headache so trust the pump and when it stops so should you even if that uneven dollar amount is driving you crazy. Just imagine how much more you'll hate the dollar amount of fixing mechanical issues because you insisted on topping off your tank.

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