There is just something so raw about a song that can stand on its own two feet, stripped of overly-polished production and able to simply breathe. Carrie Lane, who dropped one of the year's best EPs with California Freaks, pulls back the reigns on "Think About It," originally a glossy and electrified slice of guitar-drenched pop-rock.

In an exclusive video performance, a lonesome Lane pours her heart and soul out: "I don't want to think about it anymore / I don't want to think about you," she wails, reminiscing about a former lover and their gnarled relationship.

"I'm a wreck, I'm a twisted little fool," the artist coos, the song coming into a stark new focus when adorned with only soft keys, plucks of acoustic guitar and the pitter-patter of light percussion.

Watch below:

"'Think About It' is a song for anyone who has turned to a toxic environment in order to escape a painful situation. For some people, it's about hanging on to a person or a situation that isn't good for them," she reveals. "It doesn't necessarily have to be a substance or alcohol; in this case the booze symbolized my escape and how I tried to avoid coping with a painful heartbreak by numbing myself to those around me."

Throughout much of California Freaks, the indie artist deals heavily in love, loss and pain in a coming-of-age world, from the funky, Shakira-like opener "Florida Keys" to the soft dribble of "Drowning." Each moment carries with it the weight of the world... though it's dolled up with a subtle optimism, too.

"I wanted to write something that was truly me, not who people want to perceive me to be," Lane explains. "I wrote this EP from the heart—it's truly all the sides of me being loved and me as a lover—and not every song is pretty and not every lyric is nice, but every note is real and every emotion is me."

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