Carrie Underwood has a song that shares a title with the super popular Wiz Khalifa track "See You Again," and, musician that she is, she saw ample opportunity for a mashup between the songs, and boy did she deliver.

During a recent performance at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival that took place in Dover, Delaware, this past Sunday (June 28), Carrie unleashed the mashup on the crowd. She fumbled during the first verse, which we'll forgieve her for considering the fact that she's not a rapper and it's probably tough to spit out an entire verse at high-speed, but she soldiered on anyway, making a real effort to finish strong. By the time she got around to lining the track up with her own song, also called "See You Again," the transition proved to be so seamless that we almost didn't notice it, the mark of a good mashup.

While there's probably no plan for Carrie to release a proper studio version of the mashup, we kind of wish she would. Mashups are such an underrated and under-appreciated art form which is a shame, because there's nothing we love more than seeing two very different songs blend perfectly together.

Speaking of good mashups, if your ears have never had the pleasure of being exposed to that Slipknot/Justin Bieber mashup cleverly titled "Psychosocial Baby," you're doing a real disservice to your earbuds and your own musical knowledge. The brave soul who heard those two songs and thought they'd sound good together was, ultimately, correct and a true hero in our eyes.

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