Can you picture Cee Lo Green and Charlie Sheen? Get ready for it, because it's happening.

Cee Lo will guest star as himself on Sheen's FX series 'Anger Management.' In what possible situation could they write 'The Voice' coach into that show? In the aptly titled 'Charlie and Cee Lo' episode, the affable 'Forget You' singer will seek out Sheen's help coping with the pressures of fame. NBC News reports that Cee Lo will play himself as "the nicest guy in show business" (we believe it!), but with a twist: He's terrified of losing that title.

In the show, Cee Lo asks Charlie for assistance in controlling his own anger, because he's concerned that the pressures of stardom will make him flip out at the people he loves. And, true to sitcom form, it doesn't go as planned.

This won't be Cee Lo's first rodeo in the television world. Aside from being a fan favorite coach on NBC's 'The Voice,' he's also played himself on episodes of 'Parenthood' and 'American Dad.' Something tells us there won't be any Muppet cameos in this particular performance.

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