September might signal the death of leaves, long days and general summer reverie (heartening, right?), but this month, some of your celebs will celebrate a new year of life.

Between a singer who's into sparks, a dancer with an eye for chandeliers and a guy who can't seem to just let his jealousy go, September babies seem to have been tailor-made for the spotlight. It's just your way, Virgos and Libras (plus, you were probably conceived at a New Year's Eve party)!

And when it comes to September, there's more than apple slices and pumpkin spice to enjoy. These fall babies marvel at the glint of sapphire birthstones, delight in the smell of asters and morning glories—the month's official flowers—and enjoy the distinction of sharing their special days with National Chicken Month (!), National Potato Month (!!) and National All-American Breakfast Month (!@#!R%!). THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATORY TOAST POINT, which you should share with your nans and pops on September 13 (National Grandparents' Day).

Yes, the warmth will soon begin to wane, and there's no avoiding the inevitable descent into winter. But as long as Labor Day's still in our sights, we've got something to celebrate! Check out the full list of celebs who'll gain a year of wisdom this month, and be sure to wish 'em all happy birthday!

See a collection of celebs through the years: