Happy Pride Month! Every June marks a month of celebration to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots that brought about the start of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement as we know it. And this year, celebs from Lil Nas X and Taylor Swift to Hayley Kiyoko and President Joe Biden are taking to social media to celebrate the kickoff of Pride season in all its rainbow-colored glory.

"For pride month if you have friends who are part of the lgbtq+ community let them know that they are loved. give them all of your money," Lil Nas X tweeted after sharing a series of snaps from a rainbow-themed photo shoot.

Kiyoko — dubbed "Lesbian Jesus" by her fans — shared a music video "Chance," the latest single from the upcoming follow-up to her 2020 EP I'm Too Sensitive For This Sh-t.

For her part, Swift stood up as an ally for her LGBTQ+ fans in a heartfelt social post. "I want to take a moment to thank the courageous activists, advocates and allies for their dedication to fighting discrimination and hatred. And as always, today I'm sending my respect and love to those bravely living out their truth, even when the world we live in still makes that so hard to do," it read. "Who you love and how you identify shouldn't put you in danger, leave you vulnerable or hold you back in life. I proudly join GLAAD in their #summerofequality and add my voice to those who support the Equality Act. Happy Pride Month!"

See these and more Pride Month tweets from your favorite celebs, below.

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