It's summertime, meaning celebrities are vacationing, filming or touring in all kinds of cool places and posting photos of their yummy meals out. That's one of the best parts of traveling -- experiencing new food! Lots of stars had incredible-looking food to boast about, and we gathered this week's very best. Grab a tissue (for your drool, obviously) and tuck into our update on what celebs ate this week!

Yum! Anna Kendrick enjoyed a colorful meal on her visit to Las Vegas.

Emmy Rossum felt like a little Japanese for lunch!

The three food groups, according to Mindy Kaling.

Little Mix, you're supposed to drink your tea, not play with it!

This looks like sticky rice and mango, but with Miley Cyrus, you can never really be sure!

Cheers to you too, Chord Overstreet!

Ever the healthy eater, Ellie Goulding opted for fruit and peanut butter in her chia seed pudding!

Speaking of healthy eaters... Charli XCX goes hard with her veg.

Carrie Underwood tried to eat her breakfast in peace, but her dog Penny wasn't having it!

Lucy Hale was given homegrown tomatoes. Wonder what she'll make with them!

Drake was drooling over donuts at Tim Hortons. (We don't blame him.)

Two whopping bowls of fruit and oatmeal for the Vamps' James McVey!

Kourtney Kardashian and pals got together for a little tea time.

Did Beyonce go orange picking?

When Jessie J is in California, she dines on In-N-Out. Duh!

Emma Roberts had an artfully laid out spread for her bagel.

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