It's finally August and it's super hot in the Northern Hemisphere, so celebs seem to currently be all about light, fresh eats! Light foods, refreshing drinks, anything that can help them cool off just a bit. There are a lot of fresh meals, as well as a good helping of desserts -- which are appropriate all year round, of course -- in this week's collection of celebs eating! We gathered some of the best, yummiest pics of food that your favorite stars shared, so dig into the post below (and try not to drool).

Kat Dennings, whatever you're about to bake, we want some!

Christina Milian showed off a yummy bread pudding made by her sister.

Lea Michele is all about healthy eating!

Hilary Duff chilled out for a "boozy writing sesh."

Ashley Benson is after strong bones and a healthy heart!

Miley Cyrus, where on earth did you find strawberry-flavored gummy bacon?!

Dessert at the White House is no joke, as Jason Derulo knows!

Emblem3 toasted to the end of a good tour!

Nikki Williams only needs three things for a good afternoon: Beer, book and prosciutto and cheese croissant!

Brad of the Vamps knows the importance of potassium.

Snoop Dogg enjoyed a fancy fruit platter for breakfast.

Model Candice Swanepoel chowed down on a post-photo shoot pizza!