Celebrities usually opt for the very best in everything, and food is no exception. From the best produce to the best takeout, our favorite stars are splurging on their dining. And it all looks amazing!

The following celebs shared some insight on their most delicious moments of the last week. We've collected their best eats, from Memorial Day goodies to fresh New York pizza pie. All of these photos will have you drooling with envy, so grab a bib and dig in to our selections.

Lauren Conrad had the cutest mini fruit pies for the Memorial Day holiday. Red and blue, of course, in the name of patriotism.

Kat Dennings used a steaming mug of Armenian coffee to get her morning kickstarted.

Oh my gosh... Creme brûlée topped with powdered sugar and walnuts? Ashley Benson, you are living the dream.

Austin Mahone celebrated the release of his debut album 'The Secret' with some authentic New York City pizza. Congrats, Austin! You deserve it!

Stars are just like us -- they go grocery shopping! Lady Gaga admitted she went "incognito" on her trip for food.

A daisy in your drink? Why not! Drew Barrymore keeps it classy.

According to Lance Bass, the best ham and cheese croissant you'll ever find is at the Farmers Market in the Los Angeles airport!

Kat Dennings is super proud of this fresh looking strawberry. And she should be, considering she's the person that grew it!

It's a little hard to identify the half-eaten food on Miley Cyrus' plate, but it still looks oddly appetizing...

Celebs are all about the produce this week! Nicole Richie shared this shot of a bundle of carrots plucked fresh from the ground.