We kicked off our PopCrush Presents series this year by introducing you to Cellars (Alle Norton) — and now, we're bringing you even closer to the rising star in our new series, Day In The Life.

While in town to perform at Rockwood Music Hall and promote her new record Phases, which just dropped in April, the "Nighttime Girl" singer stopped by PopCrush HQ to tell us a bit more about herself — from her music production background in sound engineering, to getting her first gig in the industry with Ringo Deathstarr, to the '80s-inspired sound of her new LP.

"It's kind of my nostalgic ideas of what the '80s sounded like," she explains.

"It's called Phases because I wrote a lot of these songs in different phases of my life. It's also kind of a double entendre, because sound waves go in and out of phase as well...and I'm a nerd about sound."

As a tech-minded musician, the singer also opened up about the occasionally frustrating double standard when it comes to being a woman making music. (Prepare to wince at an all-too-common tale of one dude's genuine surprise at her ability to DJ.)

"As a woman, it's not accepted, she says. "You do have to prove yourself."

Watch Cellars take us around town in NYC, including one (very literal) trashy experience on the sidewalk, and open up in her Day In The Life feature above — and stream Phases below.

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